The Quaker

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The Quaker

The Quaker is a structure designed to delve into an atmosphere of a planet while being suspended underneath a huge buoyant cap. Its primary purpose is about channeling the sorted planetary material into a designated place of a solar system so as to provide the resources for construction of mega-structures (like a Dyson sphere for instance). Thus, it becomes the space parasite that destabilizes a carrier planet, eventually leading to its disintegration.

The lower part of the structure performs on-ground operations with the use of research equipment, swarms of drones and selection of weaponry. Loosen planetary material is electromagnetically pushed upwards with railguns.

The upper part of the structure consists mainly of huge atmospheric cap which provides buoyancy and large amounts of energy from solar radiation. Additionally, there's an orbit module in the center which apart from maintaining the cap, also controls the channeling of the material into the outer space.

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